Our Approach: Nitrogen Fertilizer Management for corn

We at Nitrogen Pulse have pioneered a new approach to produce Nitrogen recommendations for Nitrogen Fertilizer Management for corn by addressing the age-old elusive questions of:

  1. How much Nitrogen do I apply?” (click link for more information)
  2. Where and When to add how much?
  3. How to maintain the right amount?


Our recommendations come from using one of the only scientifically validated tests to measure the natural production of N. This scientifically validated test is one of a kind in the industry. The test discovers the amount of organic Nitrogen or FREE NITROGEN that will be produced in your soil.

There are no guesses, assigned values, or compromises. We zero in on your corn field’s needs in order to apply the PROPER RATE, not “best-guess rate”. This will save you money over time and ensure that you will not be over-applying Nitrogen on your corn field.

Only measured, tested, and qualified values go into our model to produce qualified results.

Our Story

Dave Mower and Scot Benson met in 2013. Dave was 40 years into his career as a soil fertility consultant having owned a progressive soil testing business, while Scot threw 30+ years of farming and cattle feeding experience into the mix.

Ultimately raising the question:  “Over the last 70 years, what has changed in the field of Nitrogen Fertilizer Management for corn?”

The answer is: “Nothing is different, except for Nitrogen Pulse, and it works!!”

In Jan 2017 Kurt Barman was added to our team and Nitrogen Pulse LLC was formed. Weather Pulse was commissioned to develop our proprietary Nitrogen-loss weather platform to maximize corn production and minimize environmental Nitrogen discharge.  WIN/WIN!

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Nitrogen Fertilizer Management for corn