Nitrogen Pulse is an industry leading source to guide you to produce maximum corn yields with the minimum amount of Nitrogen for your corn fields’ need to minimize environmental impact. ISNT is a proven soil test that is the cornerstone of our program, not an Internet App. We feel it is important to start with a scientifically validated soil test and then maintain that value with our own proprietary and ground-truthed weather platform. Both tools that have the ability to be better calibrated and improved through time. Tried and true methods that will produce solid results.

There is a great opportunity for Agriculture to seize. Establish a leadership role and tell the story of to minimize Nitrate Discharge now, and for the future. We also believe farmers share the same goal of reducing nitrate discharge that we do, without compromising Maximum Seasonal Yield.

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Map of Nitrogen Pulse VRT N. recommendation

  • No more elusive results that have always relied on N Rate guesses that have not really changed since the 1940’s.
  • The left recommendations come from scientifically verified testing methods that produce real results.
  • Nitrogen Pulse challenges you to ask and demand more results from OUR Nitrogen Management System.


AWIS is:

  • Ag Weather Information Systems
  • proprietary weather platform built specifically for N.P.  go to: to subscribe
  • The reliable weather tracking source that will warn corn producers WHEN we need to be replacing or maintaining Applied N. throughout your corn crop’s growing season
  • A tool for forecasting when classes of weeds are germinating
  • Enter irrigation “rain” into your personal system.

Next Steps…

  1. Log onto your AWIS website subscription.
  2. Enter all the field data asap to start the N-loss tracking
  3. Since you’ve told us how much, where, and when you’ve added N, AWIS will email or text you if/when your N. status has become deficient.
  4. Maintain your field’s prescribed N. status from ISNT.
  5. Produce a Maximum Seasonal Yield because N. is no longer a yield limiting

Start the Process at AWIS